Celebrating Joy Joya’s Business Anniversary at 8 Years

Episode #287 – “Celebrating Joy Joya’s Business Anniversary at 8 Years”

Welcome to Episode #287. In today’s episode, I’m excited to celebrate my 8-year business anniversary! I launched Joy Joya in May 2016, just after relocating to Los Angeles. At the start, it was merely a basic website and a big dream. I began as a glorified marketing copywriter, gathering a small group of clients, primarily jewelry businesses, helping them with product descriptions and storytelling – but also by necessity advising them on their marketing activities.

I’ve touched on my journey in previous podcast episodes, but never delved deeply, mostly because I thought it might not captivate everyone. You see, there are consultants and thought leaders out there with dramatic, almost cinematic stories of staggering transformations or extraordinary rags-to-riches journeys. You know the ones I’m talking about – they hit complete rock bottom and then transform their lives and businesses to ultimately make millions. That’s really awesome! But frankly, my story isn’t like that. In the past, I’ve been hesitant to share because it lacked that Hollywood drama.

However, eight years into running my business, my confidence has grown significantly in both my capabilities and the narrative of my journey. This confidence has made me more eager to empower others who might feel their stories aren’t headline-grabbing because they didn’t craft their first piece of jewelry atop Mount Everest. Or maybe you’re out there thinking you haven’t yet achieved a more “conventional” definition of success, so you’re not sure how to hype your business up in your storytelling.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the idea that while sensational stories might capture some people’s attention, others are definitely looking for tales that resonate more quietly with their realities. They want more understated, yet equally powerful stories where triumph unfolds subtly. I believe my story is one of those genuine, relatable tales. So today, I choose to celebrate and share it, hoping it resonates with those of you who might think your own stories aren’t scripted for the silver screen.

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