Month: January 2022

10 Outdated Social Media Marketing Tips for Jewelry Brands

In this episode, I share 10 outdated social media marketing tips because the world of social media is constantly evolving, and if you don’t have someone like me in your corner day-in-and-day-out, it can be very hard to keep up with all the changes.

Who wants to be spending time reading news about Instagram and TikTok? I don’t know very many people who do. So listen to this episode and find out how you can get out with the old and start being more current with all your social media marketing.

You’ll be one step ahead of your competitors, and you’ll look very savvy to your customers. You’ll also make sure you’re adhering to best practices, so the algorithm likes you best.

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How to Do “Social Listening” for Your Jewelry Brand

In this episode, I answer the question, “What is social listening?” Former podcast guest Jen Cullen Williams, along with her co-columnist Duvall O’Steen recently asked me to contribute my expertise for a column they wrote for National Jeweler about the topic of social listening.

After sharing my thoughts with them, I thought, “Hey, this should be a podcast episode!” All jewelry brands need to know about social listening – not only about what it is but also about how they can best leverage it for their brands. So watch this video to learn more about this tool, which will be very important in 2022 and beyond.

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Are You Micromanaging Your Jewelry Marketing?

In this episode, I discuss all the ways that micromanaging is hurting your marketing efforts – AND what you can do about it. WAIT! Before you ignore this episode because you think, “Oh, I don’t micromanage, and this doesn’t apply to me”, hear me out! Even if you’re a solopreneur, and you don’t have a team of people, you might actually be micromanaging yourself. If you work with freelancers, interns, vendors, business partners, etc., you might be micromanaging them.

When you micromanage, you risk thinking too small and missing the big picture – along with major opportunities. You’re probably giving yourself more busy work than you need to be giving yourself. And you risk loss of productivity and forward momentum. Definitely watch this episode because you may be guilty of micromanaging in ways you didn’t even realize, and I’ll explain how you can change your mindset – and start making progress.

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5 Predictions for Jewelry Marketing Trends in 2022

Happy New Year! I’m back from a brief holiday respite, and I’m happy to be here with you again. In this episode, I share my predictions about jewelry marketing trends for 2022. Where should you be focusing your time and attention? Which marketing platforms will be most important this year? What will customers want from your brand, and how should you be communicating with them? Listen up for a look into my crystal ball.

I also uploaded an ebook version of this podcast to the Joy Joya website. If you’d like to have a handy PDF reference guide to all of this year’s predicted jewelry marketing trends, then visit to download it.

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