Month: February 2021

Laryssa Answers Jewelry Marketing Questions Live on Clubhouse – Feb 23, 2021

During a Clubhouse chat on February 23, 2021, Laryssa answered jewelry marketing questions live. Watch the video to hear her answers; it’s completely off-the-cuff and unscripted. Visit to contribute your own questions.

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Interview with Jason Fleagle: Content Marketing for Jewelry Brands

In Episode #115 of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast, I interview Jason Fleagle, a branding and marketing expert who has supported global brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and has worked with prominent figures like Kevin Harrington. He’s currently a consultant and a catalyst success partner for individuals and organizations, coming alongside them, empowering them, and positioning them for growth.

I tap into Jason’s knowledge about content marketing, and we have a great conversation about how jewelry brands can use content to grow organically. If you’d like to ask a question that we can answer for you on a follow-up episode, visit this page:

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Personalizing Your Jewelry Marketing

In Episode #114, I share my own recording of a recent presentation I did about personalization in jewelry marketing. Would you like to discover how personalization can help you improve the customer experience and build stronger customer relationships? If so, then you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode.

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Interview with Derek DeMoro and James Wright, Co-Founders of Zigy

In Episode #113 of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast, I interview Derek DeMoro and James Wright, the co-founders of Zigy, which is a social selling solution for the direct-to-consumer channel. As Derek described to me in a blurb about the company, “Zigy is LinkedIn, Instagram, Affiliate Networking,, Shopify, Tik Tok, a global marketplace and ecommerce analytics all mashed up into a single little app.”

Zigy makes it easy for someone to set up an ecommerce shop quickly or even to integrate an existing ecommerce shop to allow for greater selling possibilities, specifically in the realm of brand ambassador partnerships. Zigy helps brands easily connect with influencers and ambassadors who want to have the power to sell products through their own ecommerce storefronts. It’s also a super powerful content sharing tool. A brand can create content for their ambassadors to post, and the analytics behind it all makes it clear which products, ambassadors, and content are driving sales. Listen for all the details.

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Interview with Jen Cullen Williams, PR and Brand Communications Strategist (Part 2/2)

In Episode #112 of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast, I interview Jen Cullen Williams, a public relations and brand communications strategist who specializes in working with jewelry and luxury brands. This is the second part of a two-part interview, and you can watch the first part here:

We discuss topics like the ecommerce trends predicted for 2021, the potential of Pinterest in jewelry marketing, setting realistic expectations for PR, and how to go about optimizing your jewelry ecommerce site. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed chatting with Jen.

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