Month: February 2022

How to Have More Fun With Jewelry Marketing

In this episode, I share my own recording of a presentation I recently gave for the annual Jewelry Ecomm Conference. The topic of the presentation is “How to Have More Fun With Jewelry Marketing”.

I feel pretty passionate about this particular topic for two reasons: 1) in my interactions with jewelry brands, I find that too many of them take their brands and marketing too seriously and 2) the data shows that consumers want to be entertained, to have fun with brands. So how can you start having more fun with jewelry marketing? Stick around for this episode to find out.

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Interview With Anna Samsonova – All About Jewelry Merchandising

In this episode, I share my interview with Anna Samsonova, an independent jewelry consultant and founder of Samsonova Consulting. With 17 years in the jewelry industry, she supports her clients with a big-picture outlook and offers jewelry consulting services in the areas of brand development, merchandising, operations, upscaling, trade shows, and event planning.

I ask Anna specifically about her expertise in brand development and merchandising. We explore topics like:
– The role that merchandising plays in brand development
– How jewelry brands can approach merchandising in a strategic way
– The types of information/data a jewelry brand will need to optimize their merchandising
…and more!

Watch the video to benefit from Anna’s wealth of information, knowledge, and experience.

Links from the episode:
Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) –
American Gem Society (AGS) –
Black in Jewelry Coalition (BIJC) –
Samsonova Consulting –
Samsonova Consulting Instagram –

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5 Instant Email Marketing Upgrades for Jewelry Brands

In this episode, I offer five tips for instantly upgrading your email marketing. Email marketing for jewelry brands can be complex, and optimizing an email marketing strategy can take a lot of time and testing. However, there’s always something that every brand – from the solopreneur jewelry designer to the multi-million-dollar jewelry brand – can be doing to instantly optimize the deliverability and effectiveness of their email campaigns.

A few small tweaks can make a major difference while you’re in the process of figuring out your audience habits and adjusting your content calendar to support your business goals. What are some things you can try today and at any stage of your marketing journey? At least one of these five tips will likely apply to you, so keep watching for the scoop.

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Interview With Wendy Pease, Expert in Global Marketing

In this episode, I share my interview with Wendy Pease, an expert in global marketing and entering new marketplaces abroad. Wendy is the owner and president of Rapport International, a translation and interpretation services company that specializes in marketing translation. Throughout her career, she’s worked with hundreds of companies to help them communicate across more than 200 languages and cultures. Wendy’s the author of the book “The Language of Global Marketing” as well as the host of the Global Marketing Show podcast.

In this episode, we discuss the potential that global marketing holds for jewelry brands specifically. What are some of the most common mistakes she’s seen in the marketplace as well as the success stories? How can you successfully tap customers in other countries, whether you’re a solopreneur or multi-million dollar jewelry brand? How can you effectively communicate the emotional resonance of your jewelry when there’s a language barrier? We cover all these questions and more in this fascinating episode.

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