Month: May 2024

What If You Have More Than One Type of Target Customer For Your Jewelry Business?

Episode #290 – “What If You Have More Than One Type of Target Customer For Your Jewelry Business?”

Welcome to Episode #290. In today’s episode, I want to tackle the question: what if you have more than one audience and target customer? Not every jewelry business’ target customer fits neatly into one box. Oftentimes, you’ll be speaking to customers who span multiple demographics, even if you serve a very specific niche.

Crafting marketing messages that resonate across age groups, cultures, and preferences is both a challenge and an opportunity. Our goal as business owners and marketers in the jewelry industry is to recognize and value the differences among members of our target audience, bridging connections through understanding and respect.

In this episode, I’ll be exploring strategies to segment your audience, craft universal yet personalized narratives, and utilize platforms effectively to reach varied demographics. You’ll learn how to ensure your brand’s voice is heard, understood, and cherished across the spectrum.


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How to Inspire Your Jewelry Customers to Return Again and Again

Episode #289 – “How to Inspire Your Jewelry Customers to Return Again and Again”

Welcome to Episode #289. In today’s episode, I want to talk about how you can get your customers to love your jewelry business – and come back again and again.

In the worlds of business and marketing, trends come and go, but one timeless truth remains: retaining customers is super important and will save you on marketing costs in the long run. Marketing thought leader Neil Patel shared this: “Customer retention is seven times more cost-effective compared to customer acquisition.”

This simple yet profound insight underscores a fundamental principle that lies at the heart of every successful jewelry business: the enduring value of cultivating and nurturing lasting relationships with our customers.

Back in 2013, ecommerce businesses were forking out $9, on average, to acquire a fresh-faced customer. Fast forward to the present day, and that figure has ballooned to a staggering $29—a staggering 222% increase. It just makes monetary sense to keep the customers who already like, know, and trust you coming back for more.

In this episode, I’ll be talking more about why returning customers need to be your loyal advocates and partners, how to find out how many customers are actually coming back for more, and the tactics you can use to keep them engaged.


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How to Add Depth to Jewelry Marketing Content

Episode #288 – “How to Add Depth to Jewelry Marketing Content”

Welcome to Episode #288. In today’s episode, I want to dive deeper into how you can transcend mere surface-level content, which is crucial in a world increasingly dominated by AI in content creation and marketing. While AI is a fantastic tool for brainstorming and drafting, it’s not meant to replace your unique voice or the distinctive persona of your brand.

Simply using AI-generated content won’t resonate with your audience or showcase you in the best light. Even adopting a generic idea from AI or the internet, without infusing it with your unique flair, will lack excitement and shareability.

Often, when brainstorming for clients, particularly for blog posts, we start with basic jewelry topics, like “How to Layer Necklaces.” Sometimes there’s resistance because the topic feels overdone. But let’s face it—everything has been done. It’s nearly impossible to be wholly original these days.

The aim isn’t to invent something unprecedented but to tell a story in a way that resonates widely yet could only be told by you, in your unique, original style. Sure, a thousand people might have tips on layering necklaces, but none of them are you or run your business. The real challenge is, how do you fully and authentically express yourself?

In this episode, I’ll explore how you can truly be yourself in your content, unapologetically, even when discussing topics that have been covered time and again.


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Celebrating Joy Joya’s Business Anniversary at 8 Years

Episode #287 – “Celebrating Joy Joya’s Business Anniversary at 8 Years”

Welcome to Episode #287. In today’s episode, I’m excited to celebrate my 8-year business anniversary! I launched Joy Joya in May 2016, just after relocating to Los Angeles. At the start, it was merely a basic website and a big dream. I began as a glorified marketing copywriter, gathering a small group of clients, primarily jewelry businesses, helping them with product descriptions and storytelling – but also by necessity advising them on their marketing activities.

I’ve touched on my journey in previous podcast episodes, but never delved deeply, mostly because I thought it might not captivate everyone. You see, there are consultants and thought leaders out there with dramatic, almost cinematic stories of staggering transformations or extraordinary rags-to-riches journeys. You know the ones I’m talking about – they hit complete rock bottom and then transform their lives and businesses to ultimately make millions. That’s really awesome! But frankly, my story isn’t like that. In the past, I’ve been hesitant to share because it lacked that Hollywood drama.

However, eight years into running my business, my confidence has grown significantly in both my capabilities and the narrative of my journey. This confidence has made me more eager to empower others who might feel their stories aren’t headline-grabbing because they didn’t craft their first piece of jewelry atop Mount Everest. Or maybe you’re out there thinking you haven’t yet achieved a more “conventional” definition of success, so you’re not sure how to hype your business up in your storytelling.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the idea that while sensational stories might capture some people’s attention, others are definitely looking for tales that resonate more quietly with their realities. They want more understated, yet equally powerful stories where triumph unfolds subtly. I believe my story is one of those genuine, relatable tales. So today, I choose to celebrate and share it, hoping it resonates with those of you who might think your own stories aren’t scripted for the silver screen.


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