Month: October 2020

Jewelry Marketing “Vampires” Drain Time and Money

In celebration of the Halloween holiday, I’m shocking you with something spooky: the worst jewelry marketing vampires of all. They drain you of all your time and money, even when you think you’re doing all the right things with your marketing. These vampires can eventually make you lose faith in marketing, so you think twice before trying new marketing initiatives in the future.

Once you’re aware of these vampires and know how to identify their energy-sucking power, you can take steps to avoid them and use your marketing budget and your time more efficiently. You won’t need garlic or a wooden stake, but you will need a vision and a plan. You’ll also need the confidence and fortitude to stand up to them as you face all the challenges associated with growing your jewelry business.

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“Jewelry Marketing Joy” Is Officially Here

Not only have I reached a very important milestone in my podcasting journey, but I’m also officially publishing Jewelry Marketing Joy. I’m excited to celebrate 100 episodes of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast and the launch of my book, which is the first-of-its-kind resource for the industry.

Jewelry Marketing Joy includes more than 300 pages of comprehensive knowledge and wisdom about marketing your jewelry brand. Whether you’re a beginner, or you’ve been running your jewelry business for decades, you’ll definitely benefit from the information in this book. I’ve been working on this project all year, and some of the content has even been pulled from work I’ve done over the past few years – you can’t even imagine how excited I am to share it with you!

Visit for more information.

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Interview with Arthur Root, Ecommerce Personalization Expert

I interview Arthur Root, the co-founder and CEO of Nostra, a startup that has created an innovative new ecommerce tool for brands that want to provide their customers with more personalized shopping experiences.

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