Month: August 2020

How to Improve Your Jewelry Product Descriptions

With my background in creative writing, I personally love writing product descriptions. I find them to be extremely challenging in the best way, not only because the short word count is limiting but also because finding new things to say about jewelry can be difficult (“beautiful” gets old quickly). Watch this episode to discover how to improve your product descriptions, which will enhance the customer experience and help you tell the story of your products.

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How to Optimize Your Jewelry Ecommerce Homepage

What are the best practices for homepages, and which features and elements should your homepage definitely include? In this video, we’ll share some best practices and tips. As you think about the following features and elements, remember: the goal is to actually get your customers off your homepage, so they can shop products within your site.

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Interview with Liz Kantner, Jewelry Marketer and Advocate

Liz Kantner is a self-described marketer, content creator, jewelry brand advocate, and more. Though not a jewelry designer herself, Liz is passionate about helping independent jewelry artists – especially emerging designers – thrive in the modern marketplace. After graduating college with a degree in marketing and communications and then building her work experience in marketing, Liz took her first jewelry industry job as Digital Marketing Manager for Todd Reed in Boulder Colorado. In 2016, she left Todd Reed to launch Stay Gold, which allows her to accept new jewelry clients and work independently. Throughout her career in the industry, she’s curated the New Designer Gallery for JA New York and the Designer Jewelry section of Premiere. In addition, she’s been featured in JCK Magazine, INSTORE Magazine, and National Jeweler.

In this episode, we chat mostly about social media marketing and how independent jewelry brands can be making the most of their social media presence in order to build brand awareness and attract new customers. We cover questions like:

– What are some ways that a jewelry brand can boost social media engagement?
– Do you have any tips for keeping a social media feed fresh and interesting?
– For a jewelry brand that doesn’t yet have a budget to spend on paid social, how can they grow their social media following organically?
…and more!

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What You Can Expect to Pay for Jewelry Marketing

If you’re struggling to imagine how your jewelry marketing budget can be spent, then you’ll definitely want to watch this video which explains how much you can expect to pay for various types of marketing services when enlisting the services of an outside consultant or agency.

Please consider the following as general guidance only, since prices for marketing services can vary based on many factors, including your geographical location, your individual goals, the amount of work that needs to be done, consultant/agency experience, and more. However, if you encounter a service that costs significantly less or significantly more than the ranges I provide here, then you should be wary and move forward with caution. In those cases, the service provider may be inexperienced or unqualified, or they could be trying to swindle you.

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Determining Your Jewelry Marketing Budget

You may have heard the phrase “You have to spend money to make money”, and that definitely applies to jewelry brands that want to increase market share and remain competitive in their respective categories. How much should you be spending on marketing your jewelry brand every year, and how should you be distributing that marketing budget across multiple marketing channels? In this video, we’ll help you plan your marketing spend in a strategic way.

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