Month: July 2022

7 Examples of Jewelry Brands Using NFTs

This is a followup episode to build upon last week’s interview with Oliver Maroney about NFTs. If you haven’t already listened to or watched that episode, I highly recommend you check out that one first before you continue with this one. Here’s the link:

In this one, I share examples of jewelry businesses currently experimenting with NFTs, so if you’re curious about them or want to know more, you can check out what each business is doing.

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Jewelry Brands Using NFTs
Jevels –
Greenland Ruby –
Reena Ahluwalia –
Icecap Collectibles –
Neil Lane –
Bvlgari –
Jacob & Co. ––co-launches-nft-collection-of-digital-and-physical-watches-inspired-by-the-metaverse/?sh=122cfc313fb7

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Interview With Oliver Maroney on NFTs for Jewelry Brands

In this episode, I interview Oliver Maroney, the general manager of Web3 & NFT’s at Cameo. If you have even an ounce of curiosity about Web3 and NFTs, then please check out this interview because we break everything down in easy-to-understand terms.

I saw Oliver talk at JCK and then subsequently reached out to him because I liked his no-nonsense, non-pretentious ways of explaining things. I thought he’d be the perfect expert for my audience, and I was so grateful he agreed to do this interview. With his unique background in media and sports journalism, he’s not a Silicon Valley tech type who only knows how to speak the language to other savvy tech industry people.

– Oliver explains Web3 and NFTs in the simplest terms possible for our beginner listeners.
– He also explains the potential that NFTs can have for jewelry brands as well as how they can fit into a digital marketing mix and elevate the customer experience.
– You’ll have some great resources and know how to take your first steps to learning more about NFTs and how they can support your marketing efforts.

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10 Things Smart Jewelry Brands Are Doing Today

In this episode, I discuss consumer spending patterns I’ve been seeing in the industry this summer so far and what you can do as a brand to adapt to how people are shopping right now. Watch this video to discover 10 things that successful jewelry brands are doing today to weather the changes in consumer spending and future-proof themselves.

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