Month: December 2020

Jewelry Marketing Is Not a Beauty Contest

I recently stumbled upon a really interesting quote by Josh Hayes from Liftoff, a company that helps ecommerce brands optimize their mobile apps. In a blog post, Josh says, “Creatives aren’t a beauty contest, so let performance drive your ad appearance decisions. Oftentimes, the best performing creatives run counter intuitive to what we might think because they aren’t necessarily the most aesthetic. We see this time and time again.” (Source:

I completely agree with Josh’s assertion about “creatives”, which are the photos and videos that brands use in their Facebook and Instagram ads. When I build an advertising campaign for a client, I’m not necessarily looking for the client’s most beautiful photo and video assets. In fact, the beautiful photos are usually the ones that perform the worst in advertisements. They tend to look too polished. Listen to this episode for more information about why jewelry marketing is not a beauty contest.

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Mobile Shopping Matters for Jewelry Brands

A hot-of-the-presses report titled “Adobe Analytics Holiday Forecast 2020” predicts that 42% of shopping will be done from smartphones this holiday season. Furthermore, the report states that “smartphone shopping dollars will grow by 55% YoY this season” and that “$28.1B more will be spent on smartphones this year”.

If your jewelry brand’s website isn’t optimized for an ideal mobile browsing and shopping experience, then you could potentially be missing out on critical sales. If your website is built on Shopify, then you’re likely ahead of the game, since many Shopify themes are fully responsive, meaning they adjust for any screen size or resolution. It may be too late in the year to completely overhaul your website, but you can make some small changes that will immediately improve the mobile experience. Watch for tips.

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