The 10 Essentials of Managing Your Ecommerce Jewelry Store

Episode #285 – “The 10 Essentials of Managing Your Ecommerce Jewelry Store”

Welcome to Episode #285. Today, I’m diving into the must-knows of managing your online store. I’ll chat about what you should understand about your ecommerce setup and why it’s essential to seek help if you’re unsure.

I’ve been chatting with some jewelry business owners who have their online store on Shopify but aren’t fully familiar with all of Shopify’s features and capabilities. Maybe they relied on a developer before and never fully got the hang of it themselves.

If you don’t have a dedicated ecommerce team for your online shop, it’s vital to grasp some basics. While I’ll focus on Shopify, the same principles apply to other platforms too, like Squarespace and Wix.

Think about it like this: running an online jewelry store is similar to running a brick-and-mortar one. Just like you need to know how to switch on the lights and open the display cases, understanding your ecommerce system is crucial. Even though it’s online, it’s just as important. Take some time to understand it, and I’ll explain why in this episode.


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