Introducing “Jewelry Marketing Jumpstart” for 2023

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In this episode, I’m debuting an exciting new direction for the podcast as well as a new FREE program that will help you kickoff 2023 with all the resources you’ll need to make this a banner year.

If you’re a fan and follower of this podcast, thanks for returning – you’re likely familiar with my previous format, alternating between interviews and business/marketing tips on Sundays and THE GOLD MINE on Wednesdays. If you’re new, welcome! You’re joining at exactly the perfect time.

From now through early July of this year, I’ll be rolling out a free (yes FREE) six-month, podcast-guided program called “Jewelry Marketing Jumpstart” which will involve weekly audio and video lessons as well as companion PDF downloads for each new episode.

– I’ll continue doing THE GOLD MINE as well, but it’ll be wrapped into the weekly episodes as a brief segment rather than in individual episodes.
– I’ll also add in interviews as bonus episodes when I meet someone particularly inspiring who I think can offer value to you.
– I’ll still give a news roundup, but it’ll be toward the end of the episode rather than at the beginning – listen through to the end of this one to get the news!

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News Articles:

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