Interview With Ecommerce + Email Marketing Expert Jessica Totillo Coster

In this episode, I share my interview with Jessica Totillo Coster, founder of Ecommerce Badassery. Jessica’s an ecommerce and email marketing strategist for boutique owners and product entrepreneurs. She uses data and experience to help her clients figure out the next best steps in their business. She’s also the host of the Ecommerce Badassery podcast!!

Not only was Jessica at one point, the only employee of a 7-figure ecommerce store (managing ecommerce, marketing, and more), but she was also the owner of her own multi-6 figure brick + mortar clothing boutique. She’s cut her teeth in ecommerce and digital marketing, and she’s learned all the best practices by finding innovative solutions to marketing challenges, even by being “scrappy”.

You’ll probably catch on in this hour-long conversation that Jessica and I have a lot of synergy and that we both like to nerd out on digital marketing, especially when it comes to marketing for ecommerce brands. We’re going to cover topics like:

– Which is the best ecommerce platform and why?
– The top ecommerce best practices
– A no-nonsense way to plan your email marketing calendar
– Tips for building an email list
– Mistakes to avoid in email marketing, and more.

I hope you’re prepared to take some notes because you’re going to get a lot of actionable tips and advice! Also, Jessica has a free gift for Joy Joya listeners so make sure to listen through to the end.

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