254 – Practical Email Marketing Tips for Jewelry Brands

Episode #254 – “Practical Email Marketing Tips for Jewelry Brands”

This is Episode #254, and today we’re going to be talking about how to review the current state of your email marketing and decide what could be improved upon, so you can better connect with your audience – and get consistent ROI from your email marketing efforts.

I’ll spotlight Hilary Finck Jewelry, the winner of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Grant. Our conversation today will revolve around how she started with email marketing for her jewelry brand, how it benefits her business, what she’d like to achieve, and what my recommendations are. 

If you’re just tuning into this new season of the podcast for the first time, I recommend pausing here and starting with Episode #252. That way, you can get to know Hilary and embark on this journey from the beginning.

Before diving into today’s interview, I’ll be sharing some takeaways that hopefully you’ll be able to apply to your own email marketing strategy. Join me as we begin to scratch the surface of email marketing, which will be an ongoing discussion with Hilary as we move through this journey together.

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https://hilaryfinck.com/ https://www.instagram.com/hilaryfinckjewelry/

Transcript: https://joyjoya.com/practical-email-tips-jewelry

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