171 – Interview With Megan Crabtree, Founder of Crabtree Advisory


In this episode, I share my interview with Megan Crabtree, the founder of Crabtree Advisory. Before starting her business, she built a long and successful career in the jewelry industry, culminating in senior sales roles with several leading firms in the jewelry retail and manufacturing space. She’s a true industry veteran.

She’s personally provided training to more than 1,500 jewelry retailers throughout the US & Canada. She’s traveled the world and visited jewelry factories to solve quality issues in China, India, Dubai and Turkey. Crabtree Advisory helps jewelry manufacturers and retailers to streamline, improve quality and sell more. Their clients gain on average 30-60% more revenue after working with Crabtree Advisory.

In this episode, we chat about: – Storytelling and brand development specifically for manufacturers but also offering – Secrets of successful manufacturer and retailer partnerships – Tips for building and growing a product assortment in a strategic way – And more! We also chat about American Gem Society’s Conclave. I’m purposely publishing this episode the week of April 24th because during this week, Megan and I will both be at Conclave presenting and meeting in person for the first time!

Links mentioned in this episode: Sparkle Award: https://sparkleaward.com https://imgur.com/HEqCiCg Transcript: https://joyjoya.com/interview-megan-crabtree Crabtree Advisory: https://crabtreeadvisory.com/