145 – Interview With Jeff Fromm, Expert in Brand Purpose

In this episode of the podcast, I share my interview with Jeff Fromm. I first met Jeff after I saw him speak at this year’s JCK Las Vegas show on the topic of “The Purpose Advantage”, which also happens to be the title of his latest book.

Jeff has built a reputation for himself as the “Millennial and Gen Z Marketing Guy”, and he’s traveled the world sharing his insights and research on how these two generations impact the direction of the marketplace and how brands can reach them. Through a partnership with the Boston Consulting Group, he led the first public study of Millennials in 2010. He’s the president of Futurecast, a forwardthinking trends consultancy, and a partner at Barkley, a creative idea company. He’s also a regular contributor to Forbes. 

I was particularly interested in the insights Jeff shares in his 2019 book “The Purpose Advantage”, which explains how brands can be more “purpose-driven” and why that matters in today’s marketplace. In this episode, we’ll talk about the meaning of purpose and about how jewelry brands can leverage purpose to stand out in a crowd. Listen now.