Jewelry Marketing Metrics for Ecommerce Goals

Episode #280 – “Jewelry Marketing Metrics for Ecommerce Goals”

Welcome to Episode #280. Today, I’d like to share some strategies to help ease the pressure of meeting your ecommerce sales goals by instead zeroing in on more digestible metrics that can be tackled in bite-sized pieces.

I stumbled upon this method of achieving sales targets back in 2014, thanks to an article on BigCommerce’s blog. Sadly, the article is no longer available, but I managed to save the ecommerce formula that they share. Over the years, I’ve revisited this formula countless times because of its straightforwardness and its effectiveness in demystifying online sales.

Consider this: you probably have a clear income goal in mind. But have you broken down what that goal means in terms of website visitors needed, conversion rates to aim for, and the average order value you should target?

The essence of what I’m sharing today is this: if you’re selling jewelry online, it’s crucial to stay informed about your key ecommerce metrics. This doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in Google Analytics or a data guru. In fact, we’re going to keep things simple. Our focus will be on the most impactful metrics, devising marketing strategies that directly influence those metrics.


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