Jewelry Storytelling: Get Your Audience to STOP and Pay Attention

Episode #279 – “Jewelry Storytelling: Get Your Audience to STOP and Pay Attention”

Welcome to Episode #279. Today, I’m revisiting the topic of brand storytelling for what must be the thousandth time, simply because I can’t seem to emphasize its importance enough.

Recently, I stumbled upon a small business grant sponsored by a global bank, which understandably attracts a vast number of applicants. A unique aspect of this application process is the requirement to submit a 500-word essay detailing your business’s journey and how it has navigated the current economic landscape. However, there’s a catch: your story must be shared publicly, as all submissions are compiled on a single webpage for open viewing.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself diving into the narratives of fellow entrepreneurs. With every page refresh, a flood of new entries appeared, signaling thousands of applications from business owners nationwide, including those from the jewelry sector. Intriguingly, the use of AI for crafting or refining these stories was prohibited, placing the onus on the applicant’s innate storytelling abilities to compellingly answer the prompt within the tight word limit.

As I read some of the submissions, I couldn’t help but marvel at the monumental task awaiting the judges: selecting finalists from such a rich tapestry of stories. It’s clear that each business owner would greatly benefit from the grant.

This leads to the pressing question: In a sea of narratives, how does one capture attention? Whether it’s in a grant application or communicating with customers, standing out is crucial. Stay tuned for my insights on how to make people STOP AND PAY ATTENTION to your story!


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