The Role of Production in Jewelry Marketing

Episode #278 – “The Role of Production in Jewelry Marketing”

Welcome to Episode #278. Today, I’d like to discuss a common challenge many jewelry business owners face when it comes to planning their marketing content. Surprisingly, it’s not about their marketing skills or knowledge, but rather about production; yes, about the actual designing and making of their products.

When we help our clients organize their content calendars, typically looking six months ahead, we sometimes hit a roadblock: not knowing the production schedule. Together, between us and the business owner, we have no shortage of good and interesting ideas. But if the production calendar hasn’t been fleshed out, we can’t plan marketing effectively.

I understand that production can be complicated, especially if you’re not making everything yourself. Even if you are, relying on suppliers and delivery times can be tricky. But even business owners who handle everything sometimes struggle to plan ahead because they prioritize creativity over sticking to a schedule.

While being creative is amazing and important, it’s important to realize that running a solid business powered by effective marketing needs some insight into production. Without it, planning can really become chaotic, which isn’t ideal for running a jewelry business.

So, how can you make sure your production and marketing align better? Stay tuned for some advice.


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