2 Essential Phases of Marketing for Jewelry Businesses

Episode #274 – “2 Essential Phases of Marketing for Jewelry Businesses”

Welcome to Episode #274. In this episode, we’re diving into the essential stages of marketing for jewelry brands and why it’s crucial to understand their distinctions.

I’ve noticed that many new jewelry business owners might not have a clear grasp of what marketing really involves, and that’s perfectly fine! I’m here to provide some clarity. First and foremost, let’s clarify that marketing is distinct from public relations and sales. While marketing can certainly support these functions, it operates differently. And if you want more on that, an entire chapter actually, check out my book Jewelry Marketing Joy.

But today on the podcast, I’ll explore the two primary types of marketing you’ll be engaged in for your jewelry business in the long run.

The first type is “Audience Building” Marketing. These are the marketing activities aimed at getting people to notice your brand. Imagine sending an email campaign to an empty subscriber list or posting on Instagram with zero followers – it wouldn’t yield much, would it? To make the second type of marketing, “Customer Relationship Building” Marketing, effective, you also need to be actively involved in”Audience Building Marketing.”

If you’re launching a new jewelry brand, you’ll likely dedicate most of your efforts to the first type because you need to attract those initial eyeballs and interest. Even if you’re an established jewelry business, you can’t afford to neglect “Audience Building” Marketing. You should continue to focus on attracting new audiences while nurturing relationships with those who are already interested.

Ready to understand marketing on a deeper level? Keep listening or watching as I explore the differences between Audience Building” Marketing and “Customer Relationship Building” Marketing. I’ll provide examples of both types and delve into why “Audience Building” Marketing can be super challenging, as well as what results to anticipate from your efforts.

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