Email Marketing Design for Jewelry Businesses

Episode #273 – “Email Marketing Design for Jewelry Businesses”

Welcome to Episode #273. In this episode, I want to discuss effective email marketing design strategies tailored specifically for jewelry brands. When we mention “graphic design” or the design aspect of digital materials, it’s common to associate it with aesthetics and making things visually appealing. However, in the context of email marketing, it’s less about making the email visually pleasing and more about designing it in a way that ensures successful email delivery, along with clear and swift presentation of essential information.

The primary goal is not only to secure a place in the recipient’s inbox but also to effectively communicate all the crucial details. According to a 2022 study conducted by Litmus, the average time people spend on an email is just nine seconds. This research revealed that approximately 30% of emails receive less than two seconds of attention, 41% are looked at for a duration of two to eight seconds, and only 29% are viewed for more than eight seconds. In essence, your email design needs to make a significant impact within the first two seconds of viewing.

Later in this episode, I’ll also be chatting with Hilary from Hilary Finck Jewelry, who we’ve been spotlighting as a jewelry brand case study. This is actually our last podcast episode with Hilary as a guest! If you’ve enjoyed hearing the interviews from Hilary and would like more designer interviews in the future, let me know in a YouTube comment or podcast review. If you’re new to this series with Hilary, I’d suggest starting with Episode #252. Doing so will introduce you to Hilary and allow you to follow this narrative from its inception.

Before we begin our conversation with Hilary, I’d like to discuss the constraints of email marketing design and explain why it’s not feasible or advisable to treat your emails as pieces of art. Additionally, I’ll delve into the current best practices for email marketing design in 2024 and cover other related topics.

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