Do These 3 Things for Jewelry Marketing Success in 2024

Episode #270 – “Do These 3 Things for Jewelry Marketing Success in 2024”

Welcome to Episode #270. I’m excited to share some handy tips and insights to kickstart your year on a high note and keep that energy going strong! Last year, my episode #223, “Do These 3 Things for Jewelry Marketing Success in 2023,” was a hit, one of the most downloaded episodes I’ve released!

In this episode, I’ll quickly recap those three valuable tips because they’re still relevant. Plus, I’ll throw in three new ones that I believe are perfect for this year, especially with the upcoming marketing trends that are expected to pop up along the way. I’m here to set you up for success!

Later in this episode, I’ll also be chatting with Hilary from Hilary Finck Jewelry, who we’ve been spotlighting as a jewelry brand case study. For those joining our podcast series for the first time this season, I’d suggest starting with Episode #252. Doing so will introduce you to Hilary and allow you to follow this narrative from its inception.

Before we dive into our chat with Hilary, let’s quickly revisit the “3 Things” I suggested for marketing success in 2023 from episode #223. We’ll discuss why they’re still applicable, outline 3 top strategies for achieving marketing success in 2024, and explore how you can stay committed to your marketing efforts.

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