How to Send a Jewelry Email Campaign, From Planning Through Execution

Episode #245 – “How to Send a Jewelry Email Campaign, From Planning Through Execution”

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Welcome to Episode #245. Today, we’ll be getting into the intricate workings of crafting successful email campaigns that truly make a difference for your jewelry brand, all the way from the planning stages through the actual sending of the email to your subscribers.

In the previous episode, we laid the foundation by exploring the undeniable relevance of email for jewelry brands, sharing my personal favorite email marketing platform, and unveiling some essential tips and best practices.

But today we’ll be delving into the art of planning, executing, and delivering captivating emails straight to the inboxes of your eager subscribers. I’ll be sharing exactly how I set my clients up for email marketing success that drives results.

I’ll be covering:
– Where do the ideas for jewelry email campaigns come from?
– How far in advance are we planning, creating, and scheduling an email?
– What are the steps we take to ensure the email is as impactful as possible?

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