Interview With Reena Ahluwalia – Artist, Jewelry Designer, and Innovator

In this episode, I share my interview with Reena Ahluwalia. Recognized as one of the Top Masters of design and art in Canada, Reena Ahluwalia is an award-winning jewelry designer, painter and professor. She is one of a handful of living jewelry artists whose work is featured on a nation’s (Belgium) postage stamp.

As a tribute to the British Royal Wedding, Reena created a Diamond Tiara for HRH Kate Middleton. Reena designed a historic diamond piece for the Legislature of Ontario with De Beers Canada. She created the inaugural collection for Rio Tinto Bunder Mine, where diamonds were found 100 years after the fabled Indian Golconda Mines depleted. In 2019, Reena co-created the watch that was awarded the Guinness World Record for Most Diamonds set on a watch.

Coveted internationally by art collectors, Reena paints highly nuanced, hyper-realistic diamonds with ultra-magnified facets. She is a professor and member of the George Brown College Jewellery Program Advisory Committee and a Fellow of (IwB) Institute without Boundaries. Reena gives back to many communities and organizations, including ‘Jewelers For Children’ (JFC) charity, to help children who are victims of catastrophic illness.

In this episode, we discuss:

– What it’s like to carve your own path as a woman in a male-dominated industry
– The potential that NFTs hold for the jewelry industry
– How can a physical object and digital object complement each other
– Example of two jewelry brands doing a very interesting collaboration
…and more!

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