97 – Planning Jewelry Ecommerce for Holiday 2020

Given the fact that 2020 has been such a strange and difficult year for many reasons, you probably can’t even imagine the holiday season at this point. Alternatively, you may actually be looking forward to the holidays, since you feel confident that you’ll be able to make up for any sales you lost in March and April, when COVID-19 was at its peak in the US.

This podcast episode will be released around the first day of fall, so you might be drinking your pumpkin spice latte or, if you’re like me, buying all the fall-scented candles from Home Goods. You may not be ready for candy canes and Santa Claus, but I hope this episode will encourage you to think about holiday planning and why it matters now. Keep listening to learn more.

Check out the accompanying blog post here: https://joyjoya.com/2020/09/18/planning-jewelry-ecommerce-for-holiday-2020/