230 – How to Do Competitive Analysis for Jewelry Marketing

Episode #230 – “How to Do Competitive Analysis for Jewelry Marketing”

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Are you tired of seeing the same old thing in the jewelry industry? In this episode, I’m excited to dive deeper into the topic of content marketing from episode #228 and show you how to transform your business from blending in to standing out.

Get ready to make a splash in the Sea of Sparkle! We’ll be talking about how to analyze your competitors and their content to break free from the Sea of Sameness. It’s time to take action and try something new, and I’ll be guiding you every step of the way.

Because let’s face it, being unique is what sets apart the legends from the rest. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready to unleash our creative potential!

I’ll be covering:

  • How is the audience persona different from your target market, and how many personas do you need for jewelry marketing?

  • What should the audience persona include? How can you get this information?

  • How will you be able to apply these personas in your jewelry marketing?

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Transcript: https://joyjoya.com/competitive-analysis-jewelry-marketing


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