199 – Interview With Leo Plebani, Ecommerce Customer Retention Expert

In this episode, I share Leo Plebani, an ecommerce marketing expert who specializes in customer retention. Leo first entered the world of ecommerce when he was hired as an “Online Sales Manager” for a large Italian company based in New York. From there, he transitioned to being a freelance consultant, managing and scaling ecommerce companies to 7-figure revenues. He loves the world of ecommerce and invests in it both as an agency owner and as an entrepreneur by launching my own ecommerce projects. His approach to ecommerce marketing is both innovative and a little bit old school, making it unique. 

We chat about:

  • How can ecommerce brands improve customer retention?
  • What are some ways that ecommerce brands can measure and monitor customer retention?
  • What’s involved in your “secret formula” for boosting customer retention?
  • Why is direct mail having a comeback now in 2022?
  • What types of customers respond the best to direct mail?
  • …and more!

Sparkle Award:

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