How AI Is Impacting SEO For Jewelry Businesses

Episode #295 – “How AI Is Impacting SEO For Jewelry Businesses”

Welcome to Episode #295. In today’s episode, I want to talk about the future of SEO for jewelry businesses! This is an area of jewelry marketing that’s evolving very quickly, with AI-created content becoming more and more prevalent and search engines like Google adjusting their algorithms to account for the future of how people will be using the Internet and searching for useful content.

If Google search is a primary way that your target audience discovers your brand, or you’re interested in driving more traffic through Google search, then you definitely need to check out this episode to understand what the future holds.

I’ve done many episodes about SEO before if you want to reference them for the basics, which I won’t cover here in this episode. So if you’re completely new to SEO, I’d recommend you go back to episodes #238, #239, and #240 for a deep dive into those basics.

When you search something on Google, you’re probably already noticing that one of the first search results is an AI Overview. AI Overviews provide links to resources that back up the information in the snapshot and delve deeper into the topic. This feature helps users explore and uncover a wide variety of content from various sources, including publishers, creators, retailers, and businesses, enabling them to use the gathered information to further their tasks.

So keep listening to this episode to find out what these changes mean for you and your jewelry business – and how you can adapt to changes in Google search as well as to changes in how your customers are searching for you and your products.


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