Are Your Email Subscribers Seeing Your Jewelry Emails?

Episode #293 – “Are Your Email Subscribers Seeing Your Jewelry Emails?”

Welcome to Episode #293. In today’s episode, I want to discuss the importance of quality over quantity in email marketing and how to maintain a healthy subscriber list.

This topic arose because I’ve noticed a significant increase in spam subscribers on my clients’ lists recently, and I’ve heard similar stories from others in the marketing community. This issue, known as “list bombing,” is described in Klaviyo’s support documentation as “a malicious attack where the attacker exploits a signup form or checkout page by making a large number of fake submissions, filling the associated list with emails and phone numbers that have not consented or are invalid.”

Although a rise in email subscribers might appear beneficial for your brand at first glance, it only holds true if all the new contacts are genuine.

Sending emails to these fake profiles can harm your deliverability, as your emails might get caught in spam traps. You’ll also see a decline in your open rates. Later in this episode, I’ll delve deeper into list bombing and share ways to protect yourself against it.

The main focus today is to ensure your subscribers are legitimate, genuinely interested, and actively engaging with your emails, regardless of whether you have 100 or 100,000 subscribers. Stay tuned for tips on achieving this with your email marketing strategy.


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