JCK Vegas 2024 Recap – and How to Do a Mid-Year Jewelry Marketing Reset

Episode #292 – “JCK Vegas 2024 Recap – and How to Do a Mid-Year Jewelry Marketing Reset”

Welcome to Episode #292. In today’s episode, I want to cover a few different topics. First, I want to announce a very special opportunity that I’m opening up to emerging jewelry brands everywhere. If you’ve been intrigued by Joy Joya’s grants in the past, you MUST check out this one.

I also want to give a recap of my experience at JCK Las Vegas this year. It was one of my favorite times at JCK yet, and I’m so impressed with the events team and all their amazing efforts.

Lastly, I want to share some tips about how you can facilitate a mid-year course correction for your marketing if you feel like you’ve gone off track. June is a time when we feel like we need a break, especially if you’re coming back from the trade show. But at the same time, it’s also a great opportunity to start planning for the holidays and get ahead of the busy season that’s coming before we know it. You’ll want to hear my tips for regaining your business equilibrium.

In the Gold Mine, I share some things about JCK that inspired me and that I want to pass along to you to hopefully give you some ideas to spark your mid-year reset and go into the second half of 2024 with innovation in mind.

Transcript: https://joyjoya.com/jewelry-marketing-reset

Apply for the grant: https://jewelrybrandincubator.com

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