Month: June 2024

All About Calls to Action For Jewelry Marketing

Episode #294 – “All About Calls to Action For Jewelry Marketing”

Welcome to Episode #294. In today’s episode, I’m diving back into jewelry marketing basics with a focus on the unsung hero of effective marketing: Calls to Action, or CTAs. It’s surprising I haven’t dedicated an episode to this before! While I’ve mentioned CTAs in past episodes, I’ve never fully explored their importance and how to use them effectively.

In this episode, we’ll break down what CTAs are and why they’re crucial for jewelry marketing. We’ll discuss general best practices, how to tailor CTAs to your specific audience, and how psychological principles can guide your CTA strategies. Plus, I’ll share tips on keeping your CTAs fresh and engaging.

In our “Gold Mine” segment, I’ll also share some recent observations about standout social media content and how you can apply these insights to your own posts. Tune in to get inspired and take your jewelry marketing to the next level!


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Are Your Email Subscribers Seeing Your Jewelry Emails?

Episode #293 – “Are Your Email Subscribers Seeing Your Jewelry Emails?”

Welcome to Episode #293. In today’s episode, I want to discuss the importance of quality over quantity in email marketing and how to maintain a healthy subscriber list.

This topic arose because I’ve noticed a significant increase in spam subscribers on my clients’ lists recently, and I’ve heard similar stories from others in the marketing community. This issue, known as “list bombing,” is described in Klaviyo’s support documentation as “a malicious attack where the attacker exploits a signup form or checkout page by making a large number of fake submissions, filling the associated list with emails and phone numbers that have not consented or are invalid.”

Although a rise in email subscribers might appear beneficial for your brand at first glance, it only holds true if all the new contacts are genuine.

Sending emails to these fake profiles can harm your deliverability, as your emails might get caught in spam traps. You’ll also see a decline in your open rates. Later in this episode, I’ll delve deeper into list bombing and share ways to protect yourself against it.

The main focus today is to ensure your subscribers are legitimate, genuinely interested, and actively engaging with your emails, regardless of whether you have 100 or 100,000 subscribers. Stay tuned for tips on achieving this with your email marketing strategy.


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JCK Vegas 2024 Recap – and How to Do a Mid-Year Jewelry Marketing Reset

Episode #292 – “JCK Vegas 2024 Recap – and How to Do a Mid-Year Jewelry Marketing Reset”

Welcome to Episode #292. In today’s episode, I want to cover a few different topics. First, I want to announce a very special opportunity that I’m opening up to emerging jewelry brands everywhere. If you’ve been intrigued by Joy Joya’s grants in the past, you MUST check out this one.

I also want to give a recap of my experience at JCK Las Vegas this year. It was one of my favorite times at JCK yet, and I’m so impressed with the events team and all their amazing efforts.

Lastly, I want to share some tips about how you can facilitate a mid-year course correction for your marketing if you feel like you’ve gone off track. June is a time when we feel like we need a break, especially if you’re coming back from the trade show. But at the same time, it’s also a great opportunity to start planning for the holidays and get ahead of the busy season that’s coming before we know it. You’ll want to hear my tips for regaining your business equilibrium.

In the Gold Mine, I share some things about JCK that inspired me and that I want to pass along to you to hopefully give you some ideas to spark your mid-year reset and go into the second half of 2024 with innovation in mind.


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Writing Effective Social Media Captions For Jewelry Businesses

Episode #291 – “Writing Effective Social Media Captions For Jewelry Businesses”

Welcome to Episode #291. In today’s episode, I’m going to dive into the art of writing effective social media captions.

Captions are more than just words beneath a post; they’re a powerful tool for enhancing your visual content by adding depth and providing necessary context. They guide your audience’s interactions, suggesting what steps to follow next, whether it’s liking, commenting, or sharing. By serving as alt text, captions also increase accessibility for visually impaired users and can be translated into various languages, thus broadening your reach.

Most importantly, well-crafted captions can significantly boost engagement, turning passive viewers into active participants who interact with your content in meaningful ways.

It’s also like: you know you need them because your social media post would look a little naked without the caption, but what the heck are you supposed to be doing with that blank space? What are you supposed to say? Why’s it so hard to think of something?

In this episode, I’ll be covering so many aspects of writing a good caption, from why it’s important to know your audience to touching on emotional triggers, telling great stories, and more. If you struggle with captions, this one’s for you.


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