The Gold Mine – 3 Tips for Staying Productive With Jewelry Marketing

You’re checking out a weekly segment of this podcast called “THE GOLD MINE”, which is a more intimate, personal, and brief take from me about a topic of my choosing – but typically in the categories of entrepreneurship, growth, mindset as well as my own personal observations about the industry.

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In this week’s episode, I’ll be talking about how to be more productive in your jewelry business and with your marketing at this festive time of year. It’s cold outside, there are cookies, there are Black Friday sales to shop, gifts to wrap, etc. There are SO MANY excuses not to be productive at this time of year. I know that I personally struggle with it and have a tinge of seasonal depression that really just makes me want to sleep/nap more than other times of year.

BIG DISCLAIMER: Despite the topic of this episode, I don’t believe that life should be all about work and productivity. Just wanted to make that clear. You’re allowed to have a life and enjoy things and take breaks. In fact, I encourage rest, and I encourage you to unplug from your business. You’re not a machine that should constantly be “on”. Instead, I’m going to be talking about staying focused and productive in balance with life, as balanced as you can possibly get it. So that you’re able to achieve all your goals and have your cookies too.

I’ll be discussing:
– The importance of choosing work or choosing rest – and not letting the two bleed together
– 3 tips for maintaining productivity when there are a million distractions
– What to do if you’ve gone off the rails

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