Interview With Jeweler Tom Duma on Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

In this episode, I share my interview with Tom Duma, president of Thom Duma Fine Jewelers in Warren, OH. I first came across Tom through his columns in InStore Magazine; he’s written about topics like calculating ROI for marketing, getting five-star reviews, and leveraging traditional marketing.

A local landmark for over 100 years, the store saw moderate success until Tom chose a different path forward. He purchased the store from his father and went on to reinvent the retail experience. Bringing in designers and international architects, he transformed the family business into a luxury destination, even qualifying as one of INSTORE’s “America’s Coolest Stores” in 2007. Today, Tom continues to redefine what it means to be successful, watching his business grow year over year with new avenues of outreach, marketing and brand development.

We discuss:
– What he’s doing to reinvent the retail experience in 2022 and beyond
– Why traditional marketing is more relevant than ever and needs to work alongside digital marketing
– How you can go about testing traditional marketing efforts like radio, tv, and direct mail
– What to expect when experimenting with a new marketing method
– What’s it like to be part of a mastermind or performance group
…and more!

“Fashion Should Pay Attention to Instagram’s Content Troubles” –
“TikTok isn’t just challenging YouTube for views. It’s impacting Google search traffic, too” –
“Influencers are out—authenticity is in” –

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Chapter Timestamps
0:00 Preview Guest Introduction
2:39 Sparkle Award
5:19 Relevant Articles
11:39 Guest Welcome: Tom Duma
13:31 The History of Thom Duma Fine Jewelers
16:40 How Did Tom Reinvigorate The Retail Experience At Thom Duma?
19:00 What Strategies Are Being Implemented To Elevate User Experience Today?
20:10 “Traditional Marketing Is Not Dead And Here’s Why”
22:24 Traditional Approaches To Marketing
29:43 Radio?
35:51 Measuring Strategy Success
37:50 Tips & What To Expect When Exploring New Marketing Strategies
39:57 The Benefits Of “Performance Groups” & Consultants